MRAC offers members a variety of weekly fitness, social, and community initiative events. Our intent is to provide members with a viable alternative to the gym, seven days a week. Get outside, we say!  


MRAC goals focus on: solid cardio based events, physical and mental health, self-improvement, and teamwork. At this point in time, our fitness events are free/no charge. In return we politely ask that you join our monthly newsletter, follow us on social media, read all event details, and come prepared. 


We are more of a cardio group than a walking group.


Our events are geared toward those that are already exercising on a regular weekly basis. Give it your best each time out!  We definitely enjoy the social aspect of our walk/hikes, but again, our focus is cardio first. Preparation is key! Proper footwear, clothing, water… Please read all event details before attending. 


MRAC offers weekly pace challenge, target pace, and ultra pace walk/hikes. The pace ranges from 5.5 - 6.5 km/hour with distances of 10 - 50 km. If you are a new member we recommend that you start with our Pace Challenge/First Timer events. You may be used to walking 10 km. But factoring in a fast pace, hillside ups and downs, and longer distances, can make it much more challenging.  Please refer to the colour chart for the level of difficulty.

Brisk Walking / Hiking


MRAC running is the perfect balance of running and nature.


Get outside and see what the ravines have to offer. We run all year round and have weekly runs that range in distance and speed. We welcome all levels of experience. 


Trail running provides a different experience than road running as there are many other obstacles such as hills and uneven terrain. With the proper gear and group of people it can be some of the most fun that you have. The treadmill will become obsolete. Every week there is a new adventure or something to see while out on the trails. 



As the MRAC community grows, our members look for even more fitness and sports related activities to do together.


For the beginner to the advanced athlete, if you are looking for something more, MRAC MultiSport is where you'll find it. Kayaking, rollerblading, swimming, cycling, volleyball, soccer, basketball, kickball, skating, sledding, snowshoeing, and so much more.  These outdoor activities offer a fun and different way to build your fitness level and connect with other members.  



The more social events the better!


From monthly food/dining experiences, arts & culture outings, to uniquely created MRAC signature events, we look forward to having you come out. These events are a chance to relax and recognize your hard work. Favourites so far are our monthly birthday bashes, photo walks and our brisk walk/eats combo events. We’re open to your feedback. Have an idea for a social event? Just send us a message.



We’re definitely building a sense of community.


Our members say it all the time. Whether you live in Midtown, on the Danforth, Richmond Hill, or Etobicoke, just to name a few places, we are all coming together. A major MRAC goal is to give back to our respective communities.

Through our activities we build community by bringing people together and developing relationships.

In 2020/2021 we look forward to helping out where we can. From getting involved with trail/park cleanup initiatives to winter clothing drives, we want to make a difference.


We believe involving local community partners with our members and activities/events offers a more holistic approach to everything we do.