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And Now In Other News.... will be a regularly featured semi-parody news show on MRAC Connect Podcast.  


A platform to bring awareness and information to Torontonians regarding community issues across the GTA. 

In this episode Margot Boyd from Friends of Toronto Public Cemeteries talks about how Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries violates their Public Trust status and the blocked access to the Beltline Trail.

Choosing an Inflatable Kayak

In MRAC MultiSport we have many kayaking events that require you to have your own kayak.  Here's some tips on what to look for when purchasing your affordable, inflatable kayak.  

What Stand Up Paddle Board is right for you?

In MRAC MultiSport our Kayaking events also include SUP.  How do you choose a board?  Check out this video to find out.  

Rollerblading/Inline Skating - Basics

In MRAC MultiSport we have many rollerblading/inline skating events.  New to rollerblading?  No problem.  Check out some tips here. 

Our Hiking Shoe Buying Tips