Our Policies

MRAC is a pretty laid back group, but we do take safety seriously.  

Year Round/All Weather


We hike all year round. This means we will encounter a variety of weather conditions.  As long as you are prepared, it’s an enjoyable experience. 


Winter Hikes

Trails can be slippery.  Traction aids/Icers are a must.  Carry them with you for every hike.  Participants will not be permitted on the hike without them.



Proper footwear is required.  Shoes that have good traction soles vs a gym shoe is mandatory.  Our hikes cover a variety of terrain and flat, smooth soled shoes will not provide enough traction.  You will not be permitted on hikes without proper footwear. 


Night Hikes

Headlamps or flashlights are required.  You will not be permitted to join a night hike without one.  


Stay Hydrated and Energized 

In all seasons it is important not only to have the right equipment, but to have items to help keep you hydrated and energized.  We recommend carrying water and snacks at all times.

Dressing Properly

Dressing appropriately for the weather and trail conditions makes your experience much more enjoyable.  Here’s what we recommend


Winter Hikes:

  • Hat

  • Mitts

  • Scarf

  • Good traction waterproof/resistant boots

  • Thermal underclothing or dress in layers

  • Waterproof/resistant outer clothing



  • Sunscreen

  • Small towel 

  • Hat 

  • Comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely

  • Bug spray


MRAC Policies:

  • Cancelling Attendance: If you need to cancel attendance to an event for any reason, comments in the event are not necessary.  Please remove your name from the “going” list by editing your RSVP status. If you do not show to events this will be noted.  Anyone with 3 “no-shows” will be removed from the group.  

  • Be Punctual: Arrive on time to the event.  In order to be respectful to people’s schedules and commitments, we leave at the time posted in the event.  If you arrive late and we have left, you will be marked as a “no show”.

  • Last Minute Cancellations: Do not cancel attending an event at the last minute.  We understand that occasionally unforeseen circumstances can prevent you from attending.  Please direct message us in these cases. Outside of “emergencies” cancelling at the last minute prevents others from attending.  Please be respectful to other members who are on the waiting list. Cancelling at the last minute does not allow them time to plan and prepare. 

  • Waiting Lists:  You may find yourself on a waiting list.  For some hikes the difficulty level will be higher than others and priority will be given to those members who have shown up regularly, can keep the pace, come prepared and have proven they are able to handle the difficulty level.  For other events we may be limited to space due to the venue, the width of the trail, or a variety of other reasons. We limit attendance in these cases. 

  • Respect for All:  Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.  We encompass an atmosphere of mutual respect for all members.  Members who violate this policy will be removed from the group.  


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us